About us

Something Wicked Games is an Independent AAA Video Game Studio founded in 2022 by Jeff Gardiner in collaboration with game industry leaders from Bethesda Games Studios, Obsidian Entertainment, and BioWare.

Something Wicked Games is a cooperative environment, driven by radical creativity, smart iteration, empowered decisions, and proactive scheduling. Our dynamic studio is looking to attract the best talent the industry has to offer. We are open and inclusive, dedicated to fully remote work with a great mix of veterans and visionaries.

Jeff Gardiner

CEO & Founder

Charles Staples

Director of Design & Co-Founder

Jessica Gardiner

Director of Operations

Jeremy Bryant

Managing Art Director

Tess Taplin

Production Director

Marc Salha

Art Director

Chris Cold

Lead Concept Artist

Will Shen

Lead Content Designer

JF Tremblay

Senior Programmer

Preston Palmer

Senior Artist

Joaquin Lopez

Senior Programmer

Chad Bordwell

Senior Level Designer

Mark Morris

Non-Exec Director

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